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We at KLOTZ AIS have a passion for high-quality cable products. Whether musicians, professional users, rental companies or audio/video producers, many of our customers have been relying on the excellent transmission quality of KLOTZ cables for years, as well as on the robust design and first-class workmanship of our "made in Germany" products.
At the JTSE Paris in autumn, it was the crowd-puller at the KLOTZ booth and it also made it to the top of this Newlsetter. We're talking about the KLOTZ PowerLink Truss & Stage Box. Equipped with Neutrik powerCON TRUE1, the robust box provides reliable and space-saving power sub-distribution on stage or in the studio.
KLOTZ power and hybrid cables are particularly aimed at professional users in the PA, studio or broadcast sector. Termination wise, a wide range of connectors ensures high flexibility and a long service life. We have now implemented a new testing facility in the production line for this product range, in order to measure our power and hybrid cables extensively and to be able to guarantee our customers the renowned KLOTZ quality.
Last but not least, we would like to draw your attention to the extensive overhaul of the KLOTZ online shop. Thanks to the redesign of the categories, the shop now looks tidier, is much more user-friendly and is therefore a reliable helper for KLOTZ cable products in all situations - mobile or in the office.

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KLOTZ PowerLink Truss & Stage Box
KLOTZ PowerLink Truss & Stage Box:
handy and robust power distributor for stage use

The PowerLink Truss & Stage Box by KLOTZ AIS is an extremely robust, ergonomic and easy-to-use new power distribution system. It's various application possibilities are a big advantage. This brand new product is at home not only in event technology, but also in theatres or TV studios.
The PowerLink Box is equipped with one input and four outputs of the NEUTRIK powerCON TRUE1 plug. It offers a power carrying capacity of up to 16A /250V.
Due to the compact size and the ergonomic arrangement of the connections, easy handling is ensured in tough everyday stage use - even with work gloves.
The plastic housing is designed with rounded absorber edges and a robust surface to absorb shocks. This ensures that any external shocks are optimally diverted.
Inside the box, stiffening cross ribs, in conjunction with six housing screws, give the PowerLink Truss & Stage Box a very high level of resistance and provide compliance with current safety standards. A fall from truss height is easily absorbed, which underlines the robustness and durability. In addition, the housing is ultra-light.
The PowerLink Truss & Stage Box can be easily and quickly attached to a truss via two PowerLink Clamps; additional securing with two O-rings is also possible. Alternatively, the box can be equipped with an optional metal bracket underneath. This has 2 pre-drilled holes as well as an M10 screw connection to ensure secure fastening.
As a useful accessory, KLOTZ AIS will add coloured rubber sleeves to the PowerLink's portfolio. Fitted with these, the power distributor is optimally marked so that circuits can be quickly distinguished from one another even at a greater distance.

KLOTZ power cable measurement ex works
New power cable testing device at KLOTZ

High current loads, different connector types as well as long transmission distances demand high-quality products for power supply. For professional use, we carry an extensive range of extremely robust power and load cables with high-quality Schuko and powerCON connectors.
For signal transmission to active components in the network, audio or broadcast area, we also offer combinations of CAT, DMX, audio and also video with their own power line (hybrid cable) all in proven KLOTZ quality.
In order to be able to ensure this quality for our customers, we already use a new power cable testing device integrated into the production process, which was developed according to our specifications. This guarantees optimum operational safety in accordance with the VDE standard. Currently, we can test eight different combinations of assembled power and hybrid cables and check them for correct operation. All assembled cables are tested with the new EOL (End of Line) test desk before being delivered to the customer. The following tests and measurements are taken:
- Interruption
- Reverse polarity
- short circuit
- Protective conductor resistance according to DIN VDE 0701 - 0702
- Insulation resistance according to DIN VDE 0701 - 0702
All successfully tested cables receive a banderole after the final inspection.

PT-2GA: Schuko M - powerCON A

H1T99NU: etherCON / powerCON TRUE1 - etherCON / Schuko
KLOTZ online shop
KLOTZ online shop 2022:
improved search, revised structure - check it out!

To close this newsletter, we would like to draw your attention to the latest update of the KLOTZ online shop. At first sight unchanged, but behind the scenes things have changed significantly.
At suggestion of our customers, the product structuring has been redesigned. The improved search now accepts keywords such as analogue audio, CAT, hybrid etc..
This allows you to navigate quickly to the desired product and find your way easily in the world of KLOTZ cables.

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