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Dear readers,

We used the short summer break in August to update our main warehouse in Vilchband.
A modernization for more capacity and fast access to goods was on the agenda.
After the 1-week conversion, new automated high-bay warehouses and shuttle lifters are now in use.
We recorded the rebuild with a time-lapse camera. In the video, the old high-bay racking is dismantled and replaced by an automated version in just 50 seconds. Our warehouse operation is now similarly fast and safe thanks to the new technology.

With kind regards
New automated storage and retrieval system at KLOTZ AIS

Following the recent remodeling of the main warehouse, our new automated high-bay warehouses now each have 886 spaces for Euro pallets. A new shuttle lifter provides capacity for 75,000 premade cables.
An automated storage and retrieval system and narrow-aisle order pickers guided by induction rails increase the speed of access to warehouse items while improving logistical processes.

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