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Dear readers,

We start this February off with new topics that are especially of interest for all broadcasters as well as for the stage and rental sector.
Past autumn we introduced our new 12G-SDI video cable line for installation and mobile applications. The associated catalogue is available in an elegant e-paper format now. So, we're pleased to announce that our brand new KLOTZ FlipBook of premade video cables is online and ready to be browsed.
The KLOTZ FiberLink series offers premade fibre optic cables for mobile applications. Recently, the range has been extended by new connection cables with Neutrik opticalCON® QUAD connectors. In our new video, the KLOTZ Tutorial Team will tell you everything you need to know about the FilberLink product range at first hand.
The KLOTZ CATLink series is a versatile multicore system for studio or live applications. Via 4 channels, analogue as well as digital signals can be transmitted stably over a distance of 100m. Our tutorial video offers a detailed introduction to the CATLink series and we have also prepared a whole range of useful applications for you.
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KLOTZ FiberLink & opticalCON® QUAD
KLOTZ FiberLink:
mobile use fibre optic cables with opticalCON® QUAD connector

Welcome to the latest KLOTZ video.
Our KLOTZ Tutorial Team presents the new additions to our FiberLink fibre optic series for mobile use. The extension of the FiberLink series with multiple possibilities of an opticalCON® QUAD connector brings a number of advantages.
The four fibres of our Ultra Mobile cable and the connector are optimised for transmission rates of 10 Gbit/s over a single-mode length of up to 10,000 m, and up to 550 m in multimode. An extremely low attenuation of less than 0.21 dB/km in single mode and 0.7 dB/km in multimode guarantees the best signal quality over the entire distance.
Extended flexibility is offered by adapter cables with the outstanding SmartBeam QUAD on opticalCON® QUAD connector in single- or multimode. To connect to active or passive components, we also offer FiberLink cables with opticalCON® QUAD connectors as common Breakout solutions on LC/PC and SC/PC.
The opticalCON® QUAD connector in a robust metal housing is suitable for use in harsh outdoor conditions. The automatically closing protective cap with silicone seal provides dirt- and water-tightness according to protection class IP 65.
KLOTZ is a certified manufacturer of fibre optic cables with Neutrik opticalCON® QUAD connectors.

KLOTZ FiberLink
KLOTZ CATLink - when professionalism is required

Today, the KLOTZ Turorial team is focusing on the CATLink system.
CATLink products are capable of transmitting four analogue audio signals (Mic, Line), eight digital audio signals (4x AES/EBU) or four DMX/MIDI signals over distances of up to 100m with absolute stability via a network cable with overall shielding. Whether on stage or in the studio, CATLink components are always reliable companions.
The CATLink range offers products for almost all applications in the studio or on stage.
Currently the range includes:
  - TRUSS Stageboxes for analogue or DMX signals.
  - MINI Multicore Adapters with 3p. XLR, 5p. XLR or TRS
  - MINI Multicore Adapter with RJ45/etherCON & 3p. XLR
  - RACK Audio Stageboxes for AES or DMX
  - RACK Breakout Looms for AES & DMX
We recommend using a network conductor with overall shield (KLOTZ RC5EE) as the connecting cable so that the four separate channels have a common ground. We have compiled numerous network application examples for KLOTZ CATLink systems for you in a PDF.

KLOTZ FlipBook
FlipBook premade video cables
The world of KLOTZ 12G SDI cables in your pocket

It's finally here!
The comprehensive catalogue for all KLOTZ 12G SDI video cables and more.
All our brand new 12G SDI video cables with BNC quality connectors from Damar & Hagen or Neutrik at a glance. Over 50 pages full of quality cables, tutorial videos, all transmission lengths and a promise of guaranteed 12G SDI quality of our video cables.
The KLOTZ FlipBook premade video cables - easy to navigate, hard to resist.

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