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Dear readers,

The year 2022 is turning into the home stretch. But before the KLOTZ team takes a short company holiday at the turn of the year, we have compiled some good news that we would like to share with you before the holidays.
KLOTZ artist Alexandr Misko performs in the KLOTZ studios. One of the best fingerstyle guitarists on this planet paid us a visit. In his luggage he had a request for a custom built for wiring the six-channel pickup system of his guitar. After the work was done, we had a great time re-recording two of Alex's classic songs.
In live and stage situations, analogue audio signals as well as digital signals often have to be transmitted over significant long distances. In this environment, loss-free and interference-free signal transmission is crucial for perfect sound. With our new low loss AES & DMX cable drum systems, we offer a high quality and practical solution for the tough everyday life on stage.
The KLOTZ modular duct system MDS is a versatile cable duct system for permanent installation e.g. in concert halls or theatres. The basic structure is the multifunctional duct available in two dimensions. This can be configured as desired with prefabricated KLOTZ XLR modules or pre-drilled mounting panels for the installation of individually selectable audio, video, data and power connectors.
Please note our business hours at the turn of the year:
Due to inventory, there will be no goods dispatch in the week from 27.12. 2022 to 2.1.2023.
From the new year, our sales team in Vaterstetten will be there for you again as usual.


With kind regards
KLOTZ AIS - the signal masters

KLOTZ artists
Alexandr Misko on KLOTZ cables

...or how to wire a 6 channel pickup system?
For his performances and studio work, KLOTZ artist Alex Misko uses a quite unique instrument setup. In order to realize his typical sounds, his custom guitar features a whole 6 (!) different pickups – each one to be send into effects, loops and amps independently.
This often comes with extra challenges on stage and on tour. So Alex Misko approached KLOTZ AIS to engineer a professional solution - light, robust and suitable for live use.
Based on a CAT cable system, we developed a road-ready cabling system for Alex that effortlessly copes with everyday stage life while perfectly capturing all the nuances of his virtuoso guitar playing.

click to watch "Absence"

click to watch "Caravan"

The job was done, now we had to put the new system to the test and therefore re-recorded two of Alex's classic songs. The quality of the new recordings is spot on, rich in detail and with a correct balance of all acoustic events.
The brand new stage and studio cabling for Alex's guitar can be heard on future albums as well as on upcoming tours, where it will contribute to a superior signal quality.
We are proud to be a part of your sound, Alexandr Misko.

KLOTZ AES & DMX cable drums
NEW: low loss AES & DMX cable drums for long-range tranmission

Now we suppliy two new digital cable drums with high-quality Neutrik® XLR 3p. and 5p. connectors, based on the brand new OT234YS low loss data cable.
Specially designed for mobile use, this robust yet flexible cable has a particularly low signal attenuation due to a generous conductor cross-section and extra low capacitance.
It is capable of transmitting digital signals (AES/EBU and DMX) as well as analogue microphone and line audio signals over extremely long distances. Double shielding ensures perfect protection against noise.
The AES3N4YSD and DMX5N4YSD cable drums are made of break-resistant plastic and equipped with a locking brake. At the outer reel core, the cable end is flexibly available in a length of 2 m.
This new digital cable drums are "Made in Germany" and come with a 6-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.

KLOTZ modular duct system MDS
Freely configurable, modular duct system by KLOTZ AIS

The MDS (modular duct system) is a professional cable duct system for building services and installations in theaters, TV studios and institutes.
The high-quality multifunctional aluminum duct has a width of 110 mm, a height of 80 mm and can be supplied in the standard lengths of 1 m and 2 m, further lengths on request. The cable duct can be equipped modularly, as required with pre-drilled mounting panels for various audio, video, data and power connectors.
Thus, depending on the requirements, D-series panel jacks, RMP and Harting multipin connectors as well as various CEE sockets for power supply can be installed in the cable duct. The various side panels allow a suitable cable feed or mounting as an offset box on the truss.
KLOTZ also offers a wide range of pre-assembled XLR modules with XLR 3p. and XLR 5p. sockets for the MDS. The rear PCBs are equipped with LSA-Plus insulation displacement connectors for a conductor diameter of AWG 26 to AWG 22. This allows the cables in the shaft to be connected to the XLR modules at the side without having to bend or kink the cable in the shaft. In this way, both cables with solid conductors such as the KLOTZ high-end SHD Multicore and cables with stranded conductors such as the proven KLOTZ OX22GHB can be wired quickly and easily.
The labeling of the respective modules and connections of the cable duct is done via high-quality labeling strips with aluminum profile and transparent PVC cover strip.

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