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Sehr geehrter Herr Hörmann

The last weeks of this year are upon us and 2021 is slowly but surely playing its final encore. After it had become a bit quiet around our product introductions in the past months, we turn up the knobs once more and bring you up to date with our numerous new "made in germany" quality cables and products for stage and studio. Welcome to the KLOTZ December Newsletter.
At the JTSE in Paris, it was the crowd puller at the KLOTZ booth and even in this Newlsetter made it all the way to the top. We are talking about the new KLOTZ PowerLink Truss & Stagebox power distributor. Equipped with Neutrik powerCON True1, the robust box provides reliable and space-saving power sub-distribution on stage or in the studio.
Also hot off the press is the M4X StarQuad microphone cable drum. The use of our top-of-the-line microphone cable with 4 x 0.22 mm² on a break-proof Schill GT drum makes the new M4X the first choice when crystal-clear & interference-free transmission of audio signals over long distances is required. Naturally suitable for tough use on the road.
Looms are always used when overview and order must not be lost in a multi-channel cabling. New analogue (SC) and digital (SCD DMX) looms from KLOTZ ensure reliable signal transmission in the studio as well as in tough everyday use on the road thanks to their flexibility and robustness.
Please note that the KLOTZ headquarters in Vaterstetten and the production facility in Vilchband will be on holiday from 24.12.21 to 9.1.22. First shipping day in the new year will be 10.1.2022.
We hope you enjoy reading the KLOTZ newsletter.

With kind regards
KLOTZ PowerLink Truss & Stage
KLOTZ PowerLink Truss & Stagebox:
handy and robust power distributor for stage use

The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox by KLOTZ AIS is an extremely robust, ergonomic and easy-to-use new power distribution system. It's various application possibilities are a big advantage. This brand new product is at home not only in event technology, but also in theatres or TV studios.
The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox is equipped with one input and four outputs of the NEUTRIK powerCON True1 plug. It offers a power carrying capacity of up to 16A /250V.
Due to the compact size and the ergonomic arrangement of the connections, easy handling is ensured in tough everyday stage use - even with work gloves.
The plastic housing is designed with rounded absorber edges and a robust surface to absorb shocks. This ensures that any external shocks are optimally diverted.
Inside the box, stiffening cross ribs, in conjunction with six housing screws, give the PowerLink Truss & Stagebox a very high level of resistance and provide compliance with current safety standards. A fall from truss height is easily absorbed, which underlines the robustness and durability. In addition, the housing is ultra-light.
The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox can be easily and quickly attached to a truss via two PowerLink Clamps; additional securing with two O-rings is also possible. Alternatively, the box can be equipped with an optional metal bracket underneath. This has 2 pre-drilled holes as well as an M10 screw connection to ensure secure fastening.
As a useful accessory, KLOTZ AIS will add coloured rubber sleeves to the PowerLink's portfolio. Fitted with these, the power distributor is optimally marked so that circuits can be quickly distinguished from one another even at a greater distance.
The PowerLink Truss & Stagebox System will be available from the second quarter of 2022 at a MSRP of 154.70 € (incl. of German VAT) / 130,00 € (VAT excl.). Enquiries and pre-orders with the desired quantities can now be sent to KLOTZ AIS by e-mail :

KLOTZ M4X StarQuad microphone cable drum on reel
Professional StarQuad microphone cable drum
M4 StarQuad cable durm with XLR 3p. by Neutrik®
M4X1-50 / M4X1-75
break proof plastic cable drum GT235
break proof plastic cable drum GT310

The M4 StarQuad microphone cable drum is the perfect solution for events and sound recordings with high demands.
KLOTZ uses the 4-core SQ422Y microphone cable with black PVC jacket and a conductor cross-section of 4 x 0.22 mm² (AWG 24) as the StarQuad cable. To avoid hum and noise caused by inducing magnetic fields, the two opposite wires are connected to each other (quad connection). The quad connection of the microphone cable provides a solid conductor cross-section of 2 x 0.44 mm² (AWG 21). The four wires of the StarQuad cable are twisted exactly symmetrically and, in combination with the dense braided shield made of tinned copper and a coverage of more than 90 %, ensure a perfect shielding of the cable.
The cable drum is made of break-proof plastic and is equipped with a parking brake. The StarQuad cable is equipped with black chromed XLR 3p. Neutrik® connectors and XLR protective caps. At the outer winding core, the XLR male cable end is flexibly available in a length of 2m. Both cable ends are also equipped with transparent heat-shrink sleeves for free labelling.
The M4 StarQuad cable drum is available in lengths of 50m, 75m and 100m and ensures interference-free transmission of balanced microphone and line audio signals even over long distances - of course, as always, "Made in Germany" with the 6-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.

KLOTZ professional analogue (SC) & digital (SCD) Looms
No more cable chaos!

This highly flexible studio connector cable handles eight channels in one, putting an end to cable chaos once and for all. This budget alternative offers reliable handling and outstanding mechanical durability. The ideal choice to connect effects pedals from desk to side rack, it also fulfils any other patching needs.

The individual wires are clearly marked per channel with printed heat-shrink tubing and fitted with high-quality XLR and jack plugs by KLOTZ. These cables are produced from our popular PolyWIRE studio multicore bulk cable, with generous 0.22 m² conductor cross-section and low 85 pF/m. Specs that ensure excellent audio quality!

Professional DMX looms with XLR 5p. by KLOTZ

Even with a low number of channels, wiring with individual cables quickly becomes confusing. The highly flexible multi-channel looms by KLOTZ finally put an end to cable chaos! The 4-channel and 8-channel DMX looms of the SCD series are equipped with high-quality XLR 5p. plugs by KLOTZ and ensure stable signal transmission and perfect overview.

The individual cables at the splice are surrounded by a high-strength braided sleeving with self-extinguishing properties and a correspondingly wide temperature range (-70 °C to +150 °C). For a perfect overview, the individual lines per channel are marked with printed shrink tubing. In addition, the DMX Looms are provided with transparent heat-shrink tubing on both sides for individual cable labelling.
DMX looms of the SCD series use the highly flexible OmniWIRE multicore with spiral shield and supple PVC jacket as cable. Therefore they‘re also ideally suited for mobile use. The DMX looms comply 100% with the digital AES/EBU standard (110 Ohm) and are therefore suitable for DMX control signals in accordance with the standard. DMX Looms of the SCD series are available in lengths of 3m, 6m and 9m - other lengths on request.

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