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Just in time for the event season, we present our new products for studio and stage applications.
We start with the unveiling of our revised Modular Installation System (MIS) for 19" racks. The MIS allows individual configuration of 2 RU audio modules for installation in a 2, 4 or 6 RU frame. Now we have revised the line-up of frames and modules. Customers now benefit from more compact frame dimensions and new audio modules for an even more flexible configuration.
The KLOTZ FiberLink series represents the state-of-the-art solution for the transmission of high data rates in the audio or video sector. Exclusively at KLOTZ, we now offer our FiberLink cables with the SmartBeam DODEKA 12 connector. We have already sold several systems to the broadcast sector and gained a lot of experience. The new 12-way lens connector is suitable for outdoor use according to IP67, easy to clean and offers extremely generous transmission rates of 12(!) x 10 Gbit/s - over a distance of up to 300 metres. Available as connection cable in single mode, multimode or on cable drum.
The OmniFIX HS high screen AES/EBU multicore cable is equally suitable for analogue and digital audio. It can be used, for example, to transmit signals to analogue as well as digital microphones. Triple shielded and flame retardant according to fire class Dca, our OX22GHB... is particularly suitable for installation in high-end recording studios as well as in theatres and opera houses. The OmniFIX is available with either 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 pairs.

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KLOTZ Modular Interface System MIS

Any Input to any Output


The structural basis of the MIS (Modular Interface System) is the robust 19" module frames. On a width of 84 HP, various 2 RU MIS modules can be mounted as desired, both at the front and at the rear. This provides space per side for 4 x 21 HP XLR modules in a 16-channel grid or 3 x 28 HP XLR modules in a 12-channel grid. The module frames are available in heights of 2, 4 or 6 RU and three different mounting depths (150 mm, 195 mm and 350 mm). With a mounting depth of 350 mm, the 4 and 6 RU module frames offer an additional mounting option in the centre for distribution and transformer modules. This facilitates internal cabling and also saves space at the front and rear, reducing the overall height of the enclosures required for the installation of all MIS modules.

MIS XLR modules
MIS XLR modules & 2 RU frame

The modular concept allows for flexible and quick assembly. If necessary, the MIS can be modified in minutes according to requirements. No soldering work is necessary! The internal wiring of the MIS modules is limited to plugging in locking 12-pin SIL connectors for four channels each. With XLR modules, 4 XLR connectors are fitted together on a 4-channel circuit board. The RMP and Harting Multipin modules are also pre-wired with 4-channel cable sets with SIL connectors and can thus be connected to XLR modules in easily. High-quality transformer splitters, compact system distribution boards or simple SIL system couplings are also available for signal distribution between the MIS modules. Prefabricated front panels for D-series connectors enable the integration of additional signal paths. The protective earth connections across all assemblies up to the frame enable a professional earthing concept.
The freely configurable concept of the MIS shows its strengths in the various XLR patch modules. They are available in 8-, 12- and 16-channel versions and represent an optimal solution when, for example, a 1:1 tap of signals to a digital stagebox is required. The cable has an exact characteristic impedance of 110 ohms and is therefore also suitable for digital signals. The splice offers a choice of XLR 3p female or male connectors and can be mounted on the front or rear in lengths of 0.8 or 1.5 m, depending on requirements. For a better overview, the XLR connectors of the splice can be marked with coloured coding rings.
Fast, flexible and very easy to handle - a clear advantage, especially for professional stage cabling, where time equals money!

KLOTZ FiberLink SmartBeam 12-fold expanded beam connector
FiberLink SmartBeam DODEKA 12

Our SmartBeam DODEKA 12 is a novelty - there has never been a 12-fold lens connector before. At the request of our customers, we set to work - and here it is.
In a robust housing (protection class IP 67), it is immune to harsh conditions and dirt. Twelve lenses mean transfer rates of 12 x 10 GB/s! The matching cable of course is also available - the new Fiberflex ULTRA F12UM11. The twelve fibres (12 x 50/125 µm, OM4, Multimode) are optimally protected by a 500 μm primary coating and a 900 µm tight buffered fibre construction. And all this with an outer diameter of only 6.4 mm! This allows easy winding and reeling, even at extreme temperatures. To round things off, the matching breakout box, the FiberExplorer, is available on request.
Of course, all components are also available in single mode (12 x 9/125 µm, OS2), assembled with Fiberflex ULTRA F12US11A cable. All SmartBeam connectors with 2, 4, 8 and 12 channels are compatible with each other, as well as with MIL-DTL-83526/20 connectors. This allows the mixed use of connectors in a signal chain.

FiberLink SmartBeam DODEKA 12 connecting cable multimode
FiberLink SmartBeam DODEKA 12 / 12 x SC/LC connecting cable multimode
FiberLink SmartBeam DODEKA 12 connecting cable single-mode

We have already supplied complete systems for two OB van installations of this first 12x FO system on the market, which are also already being used in broadcasting. These systems consist of cable drum, splice and the FiberExplorer. In addition to it's SmartBeam DODEKA 12 sockets, the FiberExplorer also provides six sockets for Neutrik opticalCON DUO, which can be used bidirectionally via LC fanout.
With the SmartBeam DODEKA 12 in, we're taking big steps towards the digital future!

OmniFIX HS high screen AES/EBU multicore

This AES / EBU multicore is equally suitable for analogue and digital audio signals. Each wire pair has a conductor cross-section of 2x 0.22 mm². Its special construction makes the OX22GHB... a top choice among high-quality installation multicore cables.

Foil-shielded pairs + a double overall shield (foil + very dense briad) provide maximum shielding. The triple shielding and fulfillment of the flame test according to EN50575 class Dca make this Omnifix multicore for installations a sure thing in two ways. Interference free, low-loss signal transfer and safety in case of fire by selected LSZH materials for pair and outer jacket, which emit in case of fire, no toxic and halogen-containing gases and very little smoke. Unlike many other cables, the foil shields and pair jackets of the OX22GHB... are bonded together and can therefore be processed particularly quickly and easily.

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