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Dear readers,

Welcome back from your summer holiday!
We hope you made good use of the summer days and your battery is fully re-charged. We at KLOTZ have meanwhile shaken the sand out of our socks and put good sunscreen on the last of the sunburn, because it's straight into a hot autumn after the summer break. We have developed new products, completed exciting projects and worked on great ideas for the coming months. Today we provide you with an overview of the latest developments at KLOTZ AIS.
Enjoy reading!
Even we at KLOTZ have not yet been able to invent a wireless cable. But when it comes to wireless signal transmission on stage, you can now rely on our new Premium Instrument Cables for bodypack transmitters. This ensures the best possible signal quality even when using a transmitter.
From 22 to 24 September, THE guitar event of the year will once again be held in Mannheim's Rosengarten. The Guitar Summit 2023 opens its gates to visitors. We will be on site again with our own stand and have a wide range of high-quality cables for live and studio use. Come by and benefit from our attractive trade fair offers.
Hybrid cables, combining several cable types in just one cable, are extremely popular, especially in the rental sector. In the rough and tumble of everyday stage life, this saves space in particular, but also a lot of time in setting up and dismantling.We have now expanded our CAT7 hybrid cable range with some new, live-ready variants for computer-controlled devices.
Our professional speaker cables of the SC1 and SC3 series have received a useful upgrade with new connectors of the FXX series. The improved robustness, handling as well as the solid construction and high-quality workmanship perfectly match the live suitability of KLOTZ speaker cables.


With kind regards
KLOTZ AIS - the signal masters

KLOTZ wireless
Premium Instrument Cables for Bodypacks - KSH series

The extremely flexible premium instrument cables of the KSH series connect guitars, basses or other electric instruments with bodypacks from Shure, Sennheiser and other manufacturers.
The robust TQG (mini XLR 4p) plug ensures a secure connection to the bodypack transmitter and is optionally available with a screw cap (KSH-305 and KSH-307). On the instrument side, you can choose between straight and angled jack plugs with metal housing and gold-plated contacts. In addition, all KSH versions are also available with the Neutrik SilentPlug jack plug for a noise-free instrument change.

KLOTZ CAT7 network hybrid
Rugged CAT7 & Power Hybrid Cable Reels

The H3R88.. series are hybrid cables that combine mains and data lines in just one cable. Remote equipment can thus be optimally integrated, the cabling effort is minimised. This is particularly advantageous over longer distances. In addition, interference due to different earth potentials is avoided.
The HC72P15 hybrid cable enables a variety of applications as a connection for modern, computer-controlled devices. Two flexible CAT7 lines connect components of digital audio networks such as Dante™, CobraNet® and EtherSound® or transmit DMX control signals based on the ArtNet®, MA-Net or Pathport protocol. The cable also serves as a solution in the IT sector when a network connection plus power line is required. Thanks to the double shielding (Al foil + dense copper braiding) of the CAT7 cables, the interference-free transmission of high data rates over long distances is possible without any problems even in electromagnetically influenced environments.

KLOTZ the signal masters world tour
KLOTZ AIS at Guitar Summit 2023

The main event of the international guitar scene is just around the corner and of course we will be part of the party once again. KLOTZ AIS will be represented at the '23 Summit with own booth and crew. Our team on site is looking forward to your visit and to numerous talks on the topics of music and high-quality signal transmission for studio and live environments.
As always, at KLOTZ AIS, you will find a large selection of our popular guitar and instrument cables. From entry level cables for ambitious beginners to our KLOTZ supreme cable series, which has been the first choice of many international top artists for years. Here you will not only find the finest the market has to offer for high-quality guitar cables, you also should not miss our special offers for the Guitar Summit. The signature cable of blues legend Joe Bonamassa, for example, is available at the KLOTZ AIS stand only this weekend for an unbeatable 23.00 €.
You will find us from 22nd to 24th September at booth no.017 - this year at a new location near the entrance!
We look forward to seeing you soon!

KLOTZ speaker cables
KLOTZ SC1 and SC3 speaker cables with NL2FXX Upgrade

KLOTZ SC1 and SC3 loudspeaker cables are an excellent choice when high signal fidelity is just as important as durability and convenient handling in the rough and tumble of everyday life on stage. High flexibility combined with mechanical robustness make these cables the perfect connection for professional loudspeaker systems. High-quality copper wires with a purity of 99.95% ensure excellent sound quality.
As of now, we are supplementing our range of high-quality speaker cables with the new Neutrik speakON connectors of the FXX series. The FXX series completely replaces the predecessors of the FC and FX series and offers a whole series of improvements.
These extremely reliable and robust cable connectors with proven twist-lock system feature solid contacts with screw terminals including strand protection. The ergonomic design with non-slip two-component housing and the locking socket with improved strain relief for a cable diameter of 6 mm to 16 mm make these connectors suitable for a wide range of professional speaker cables. The bend protection has been significantly improved by the new socket and the assembly has been simplified considerably, as the strain relief mechanically locks with the insert and aligns with the housing.
The new FXX speakON connectors are certified according to IEC 61984, UL 1977 and CSA C22.2 No. 182.3.

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