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Dear readers,

January at KLOTZ is all about looking forward to the upcoming ISE Barcelona. Our suitcases are already packed and all KLOTZ cables are carefully rolled up to be ready to present our latest interface products for high-quality signal transmission to you next week. Just drop by our stand 7E100 and discover the latest innovations for stage and studio, such as the flexible CAT7 long range network cable, our UHD high flex video cable or the line array hybrid cable for Adamson or JBL, to name a few.
In 2024, we will proudly celebrate the 45th anniversary of KLOTZ. To mark this special occasion, we have taken up the challenge and given two of our best guitar cables an extensive redesign. The top class cables "Joe Bonamassa" and "La Grange" are freshly strengthened for the new model year after a substantial facelift. Just one thing in advance: we have 100% succeeded in achieving our goal of retaining the outstanding electrical and mechanical properties and offering guitar enthusiasts an even more individualised cable - all at a musician-friendly price.
UHD cameras love top quality video cables!
With lots of love and even more expertise, we at KLOTZ manufacture the gold standard among professional video cables: the KLOTZ VU.. series. Flexible yet robust, durable and endowed with excellent transmission properties, reliable and fairly priced, these video cables with original Damar & Hagen BNC Pro connectors offer the best picture in the OB van or studio. The latest addition to this popular product range is the highly flexible UHD patch cable VU07L1DS, specially developed for mobile use. With KLOTZ video cables, every pixel is guaranteed to be in the right place.
Once in a lifetime, everything comes back.
In this case, we at KLOTZ are particularly pleased that an old acquaintance is returning to KLOTZ at his former place of work. Our former and also new colleague Andreas Reisenzahn has enriched our team since January. Andreas is very familiar with the internal processes and has had a good rapport with all colleagues since the first day of his return. We are delighted to welcome Andreas Reisenzahn back to KLOTZ in his new role as Business Development Manager.


With kind regards
KLOTZ AIS - the signal masters

KLOTZ hybrid cables
KLOTZ - PA hybrid cable with CAT7, audio and 3G2.5 power cable for sound reinforcement systems from Adamson, JBL and RCF

For Adamson, JBL and RCF sound systems, we also use our HC72P25 hybrid cable in the configuration CAT + audio + power instead of 2x CAT + power. For this purpose, we assemble one of the two CAT7 cables with high-quality XLR connectors instead of RJ45.
Thanks to the excellent stranding of the CAT7 cable and the associated exact characteristic impedance of 110 ohms, the CAT7 cable can be used as a digital audio cable with XLR connectors without issues - we have been proving this for many years with our successful CATLink products, guaranteeing stable audio or DMX transmission up to 100 metres.
The PA hybrid cable has a robust, highly flexible soft PVC outer jacket and enables the connection of modern sound systems. The flexible CAT7 cable connects components of digital audio networks such as AVB, Dante™, CobraNet® and EtherSound® or transmits DMX control signals based on the ArtNet®, MA-Net or Pathport protocol. The double shielding (aluminium foil + dense copper braiding) of the CAT7 cable guarantees interference-free transmission of high data rates up to 10 Gbit, even in electromagnetically influenced environments up to max. 60 m.
The hybrid cable is also fitted with a 3G2.5 power cable with powerCON TRUE1 TOP connectors to ensure a stable power supply for line array systems. In contrast to the standard PA hybrid cable (H1PX3L9NT) with a splice length of 600 mm, the PA hybrid patch cable (H1PCS10) offers optimised splice lengths for power, audio and data specifically for Adamson and JBL line array systems.

KLOTZ Joe Bonamassa
Blues Deluxe - the new KLOTZ JoeBonamassa high end guitar cable

Joe Bonamassa is the undisputed king of modern blues rock with a pronounced penchant for exclusive vintage guitars. At just eleven years old, he was already sharing the stage with the legendary B.B. King. Obviously a formative experience for Joe, because the former prodigy of the blues has now risen to the very top of the genre.
Milestones in his impressive career include not only numerous internationally acclaimed live and studio albums and sold-out world tours, but his undisputed greatest feat is to have introduced an entire musical genre to a new generation of fans.
With KLOTZ AIS, Joe Bonamassa can look back on over 10 years of strong cooperation: "On tour in Europe, the first thing I bought was Matthias Jabs' signature speaker cable (#RockMaster). That was the only cable that proved to be reliable with a 100 watt amp. Now I have my own KLOTZ signature cable, which is the youngest part of all my equipment - my amps and guitars are from the 50s."
To utilise the full sonic potential of these gems, Joe relies on KLOTZ cables both on stage and in the studio. Ever since, the Joe Bonamassa high-end guitar cable has been an integral part of his unmistakable signature sound: transparent and colourful in tone, precise and powerful in presentation. A perfect addition to Joe's legendary guitar playing, creating an electrifying atmosphere and telling breathtaking stories full of passion through music.
To mark the 45th anniversary of KLOTZ, we took up the challenge and gave one of the best guitar cables on the market an extensive redesign. For the Joe Bonamassa Signature cable, new quality connectors from Neutrik with abrasion-resistant "Joe Bonamassa" laser engraving and hard gold-plated jacks seemed appropriate. Optionally also available with the Neutrik SilentPlug for absolutely noiseless instrument changes. The new original KLOTZ cable tie is also a welcome feature. It makes handling easier in the rough and tumble of the stage and ensures a long service life. The new Joe Bonamassa cable not only has the blues in its veins, the cut price will also delight lovers of handmade music. Connector assembly of course is done by hand in our manufactory in Vilchband / Wittighausen (Germany).
Impeccable workmanship using first-class materials give this guitar cable its enormous sound and frequency spectrum and the typical warm and voluminous vintage sound. This outstanding tonality along with the legendary reliability of KLOTZ cables make his signature cable Joe's first choice for stage or studio and are in constant operation on the JoeBonamassa World Tour 2024.
"We've been on tour around the world with the long 12m cables, played huge stages, all the looms are also from KLOTZ and we haven't had a single failure. That's a real testament to quality. As a cable on the road you have a rough life, you are constantly being rolled up, thrown into a case and above all, someone is constantly trampling on it. So it's really impressive how well they've held up. I really value my relationship with KLOTZ, I'm very happy with these cables and I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I do.
It's a great, very authentic cable, no matter what amp, it's one hundred per cent neutral and transparent." - Joe Bonamassa

KLOTZ LaGrange
Forever Young - The new LaGrange supreme guitar cable

The KLOTZ LaGrange is a true classic. When it first hit the limelight in 1985, its path to the top of the world's best guitar cables was already mapped out. With its unique design and outstanding sound, the LaGrange has seeen many of its competitors over the past 40 years come and go.
Old school craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art materials and top workmanship. Its high-purity copper conductor, triple shielding against interfering influences and a thick PVC jacket make the LaGrange so unique. As is usual at KLOTZ, this "made in Germany" cable is also hand-soldered in our factory by qualified employees and only finds its way onto the big stage after successfully passing the six time quality assurance.
Even renowned trade magazine "Guitar Player" appreciated this and honoured the LaGrange supreme guitar cable with the coveted "Editor's Pick" award. In a major guitar cable shootout in which 49 (!) different products took part, it was voted into the select "Winners' Circle" - the best of the best.
Famous artists and top acts such as TRIVIUM, Nick Beggs, Paul Nelson, Uli Jon Roth and Steven Wilson are keen to entrust their sound to this vita. The KLOTZ LaGrange is right at home on the main stage, where fast response, high dynamics and minimal compression meet great detail and transparency, because every piece of music tells a story - the LaGrange tells it with high fidelity and authority.
To mark KLOTZ's 45th anniversary, we have given this reference cable a valuable redesign. With the aim of retaining 100% of the outstanding properties for stage and studio use, but offering the customer an even more individualised cable, the LaGrange is now available with laser-engraved metal jack plugs. The abrasion-resistant "LaGrange" lettering with guitar logo makes the owner's high quality standards immediately visible to everyone and clearly sets the cable apart from all other guitar cables on the market. On top of this, the new edition is already equipped with a KLOTZ cable tie for effortless handling. We have also made sure that this supreme class cable remains affordable and have even been able to reduce the price slightly.
The LaGrange guitar cable stands for uncompromising performance - live on stage, in the studio or in the rehearsal room. Convince yourself and find out what KLOTZ cables can do for your sound.

KLOTZ mobile video
The new VU07L1DS mobile video cable

The requirements in the broadcast and video segment are constantly evolving due to the use of 12G-SDI workflows (UHD / 4K / 8K), and bandwidths are constantly on the rise. Furthermore, it is essential to transmit the signals reliably over the usual lengths, even in extreme situations.
The KLOTZ digital video cables are further improved due to the excellent electrical and mechanical properties of the Damar & Hagen connectors of the BNCpro and BNCslim series as well as the BNCmicro and DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors. In particular, the significant return loss ≥ 28 dB for 12G-SDI signals in combination with the well-known outstanding properties of our cables offer perfect interference-free transmission even in critical situations. The KLOTZ video cables, as well as the connectors and the required crimping tools, are also available individually for on-site assembly.

KLOTZ team
May we introduce?

Andreas Reisenzahn has been supporting our international sales team as Business Development Manager since 1 January 2024 with the development and expansion of digital sales structures as well as the strategic expansion of our social media presence in the MI, rental, broadcast, installation, theatre and shipbuilding market segments and much more.
Andreas Reisenzahn holds a degree in business administration with a focus on marketing and has many years of international sales experience in various industries for technically sophisticated products that require explanation.
In recent years, he has been intensively involved in digital sales, in particular the development and implementation of navigator and configurator systems as the technical basis for mapping specialised B2B search engines.
After several years, Andreas Reisenzahn is returning to the ProAV/ multimedia industry and KLOTZ AIS GmbH. Peter Klotz, Member of the Board, Marketing & Sales: "I am very pleased that Andreas Reisenzahn is rejoining the KLOTZ team to further promote our brand in a dynamic market environment and to transport new technological standards.''

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