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As the leaves gradually turn golden, the events industry is getting ready for the indoor season. October promises a series of exciting events, from live concerts and trade fairs to festivities or theatre performances. In this issue of our newsletter, you will find all the information on the latest developments at KLOTZ AIS.
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Modern CAT7 network cables support High Speed Ethernet with up to 10 Gbit/s. For live or studio use, we now offer our new HC72P25 network hybrid cable with 2x CAT7 and a power line for an ultra-fast connection of computer-controlled devices.
In some cases, not only audio signals but also DMX signals need to be merged via a stagebox. Our DMXV TrussLink Stagebox is now available especially for this purpose. In typical KLOTZ "made in Germany" quality, it is perfectly suited for long-term use in rough everyday stage use.
At the start of the apprenticeship year in September, we had the pleasure of welcoming our new apprentices. We are very pleased that Magdalena Piott and Michael Fischer have decided to train as wholesale and foreign trade clerks at KLOTZ AIS and wish them both every success.


With kind regards
KLOTZ AIS - the signal masters

KLOTZ CAT7 network hybrid
HC72P25 hybrid cable with 2x CAT7 patch and 3G2.5 power cable

This hybrid cable (data & power cable) has a robust, highly flexible soft PVC outer jacket and enables a wide range of applications as a connection to modern, computer-controlled devices and systems. Two flexible CAT7 lines connect components of digital audio networks such as Dante™, CobraNet® and EtherSound® or transmit DMX control signals based on the ArtNet®, MA-Net or Pathport protocols. The cable also serves as a solution in the IT sector when a network connection plus power line is required. Thanks to the double shielding (Al-foil + dense copper braiding) of the CAT7 cables, the interference-free transmission of high data rates up to 10 Gbit over long distances is possible without any problems even in electromagnetically influenced environments.
For the sound systems of Adamson, RCF and JBL the HC72P25 hybrid cable can also be used in the combination CAT+audio+power (instead of 2xCAT+power). For this purpose, one of the two CAT7 lines is assembled with high-quality XLR 3p connectors (instead of RJ45). This can be realized without any problems thanks to the excellent stranding and the thus exact 110 Ohm characteristic impedance of the highly flexible CAT7 cable.

DMXV series - TrussLink DMX output stageboxes with parallel wired XLR 5p and XLR 3p female connectors

Not only audio signals but also DMX signals often have to be combined via stagebox in professional use. The DMXV TrussLink stagebox series by KLOTZ is specially designed for this purpose.
The lightweight but extremely robust aluminum housing is powder-coated in black and features abrasion-resistant laser engraving. It houses 8 or 12 DMX output channels as well as RMP multipin connectors according to MIL-C-5015 standards. The new models offer parallel wired Neutrik® XLR 5p and XLR 3p female connectors with hard gold plated contacts. This allows the connection of XLR 5p or alternatively XLR 3p DMX devices and therefore offers maximum flexibility. It also eliminates the need for DMX adapter cables.
The use of the DMXV stageboxes can be reliably ensured both on the ground and in the rig. For this purpose, the housing is equipped with non-slip rubber feet, an M10 thread on the bottom and four eyelets for safety ropes.

KLOTZ team
A new training year at KLOTZ AIS has started

In September, we have been welcoming two new trainees, Magdalena Piott and Michael Fischer, as new members of our team in our office in Vaterstetten. We are very pleased that you have decided to train at KLOTZ AIS and that we can accompany you on your way into professional life.
We wish Magdalena and Michael a successful and exciting start to this new chapter in their life.

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