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Sehr geehrter Herr Hörmann

The most pleasant time of the year with open-air events on mild summer nights is just around the corner. But before the KLOTZ AIS team heads off for a holiday from 2 to 6 August, we would like to provide you with the latest news of this month.
Welcome to the KLOTZ July Newsletter.
We proudly present the first video in a series of tutorials about KLOTZ 12G UHD video cables for state of the art cameras of the latest generation. Here you will learn everything about the construction, transmission lengths, application, flexibility and manufacturing of our brand new "made in Germany" 12G video cable series with quality BNC connectors from Damar & Hagen and Neutrik.
As a certified Neutrik partner, we are expanding our FiberLink range to include connection cables with opticalCON® QUAD. This high-quality and robust connector is particularly suitable for outdoor use and reliably delivers high transmission rates of 10 GB/s over long distances. This works even in extreme conditions and over a temperature range from -40°C to 85°C.
Analogue recording is back in fashion.
For the renaissance of analogue studio technology, we present our Tiny Telephone patch cables. Thanks to Bantam jack plugs, noise is effectively avoided when plugging these cables. The M4TT series, with high quality 4.4 mm jack connectors on both sides, also comes with matching adapter cables XLR - Bantam 3p. for connecting balanced instruments or external effect racks.
In August, we will be expanding and modernising our logistics centre. Therefore, the warehouse will be closed during the renovation period from 2 to 13 August. During this time, no goods will be shipped.
We hope you enjoy reading the KLOTZ newsletter.

With kind regards
We start our video tutorial series on brand new 12G SDI video cables!

You are looking for a heavy-duty video cable for rough outdoor use?
Look no further: the KLOTZ video cables VU08L*DP*, VH8L1N* and VU12L*DP* as well as the VHLS1N* are ideal for the mobile transmission of digital video signals. These extremely robust cables are optionally equipped with Darmar & Hagen BNCPro or Neutrik rearTWIST BNC connectors.
Both cable types, the flexible VD083LP for medium distances and the robust outdoor cable VD125LPS, are also available on renowned Schill drums. With our premade VU12L*DP* video cables, distances of typically 57 m can be realised in mobile operation; with 1.5G HDTV signals, lengths of almost 100 m are possible.
Today we start the first video in a series of tutorials in which we present our 12G SDI video cables in more detail. In the first episode you will learn about the structure, application and flexibility of our mobile video cables, presented by our cable experts Frederic Kromberg and Nils Westerwelle.

KLOTZ FiberLink
KLOTZ expands FiberLink range with opticalCON® QUAD connection cables

We are a certified manufacturer of fibre optic cables with Neutrik opticalCON® QUAD connectors.
Now our FiberLink range is expanded by preassembled cables with opticalCON® QUAD connectors in single-mode and multimode. Ideal for demanding outdoor use under extreme conditions such as on stage, in rental or broadcast applications and at temperatures from -40°C to 85°C.
The high-performance KLOTZ FiberFlex ULTRA cable with four fibres and PUR outer jacket transmits 10 GB/s in single-mode over lengths of up to 10,000 m, in multimode it transmits 10 GB/s over up to 550 m.
A highly flexible construction with 500 μm primary coating and 900 µm tight buffered fibre construction reliably protects the fibres (4 x 9/125 µm, OS2, 4 x 50/125 µm, OM3/4) from external influences and allows even the smallest bending radiuses with a cable diameter of just 6 mm.Each individual glass fibre is surrounded by an extra-thick protective layer of acrylate. An extremely low attenuation of less than 0.21 dB/km in single-mode and 0.7 dB/km in multimode guarantees the best signal quality over the entire distance.
The robust metal housing of the opticalCON® QUAD cable connector conceals a connector with four optical multi- or single-mode PC resp. single-mode APC channels, based on the renowned LC technology. When plugged in, the optical fibres are in physical contact. The automatically closing protective flap with silicone seal provides dirt and water tightness according to protection class IP65. Additional practical features are the proven push-pull locking and a very efficient strain relief.


The range is rounded off by cables assembled with the excellent SmartBeam QUAD or opticalCON® QUAD connectors in single- or multimode.


For connection to active or passive components, KLOTZ also offers the FiberLink series with opticalCON® QUAD connectors as common breakout solutions on LC/PC and SC/PC.

KLOTZ Tiny Telephone
KLOTZ expands the PRO Patch cable range
M4T series - Bantam Tiny Telephone patch and adapter cables

Due to the renaissance of analogue studio technology, Tiny Telephone patchbays are once again in use in many professional recording studios. The Tiny Telephone or Bantam jack plug has the advantage over the normal jack plugs that the different diameters of tip and ring prevent short circuits and thus noise when plugging in.
The new Tiny Telephone patch cables (M4TT) are equipped on both sides with high-quality 4.4 mm Bantam 3p. connectors by Neutrik. In order to be able to connect external effect racks or balanced instruments and signal sources to professional TT patchbays, KLOTZ also offers Tiny Telephone adapter cables with black XLR and TRS connectors. The TT adapter cables are equipped on one side with the Bantam 3p. connector and XLR 3p. female (M4TF), XLR 3p. male (M4TM) or TRS connectors (M4TS) on the other side. Thus, all common devices can be connected to a TT patchbay.

Bantam 3p. - 3p. XLR F by Neutrik
Bantam 3p. - 3p. XLR M by Neutrik

The M4T patch and adapter cables are manufactured with the highly flexible MY204 cable with a conductor cross-section of 0.22 mm2. This patch cable features a compact outer diameter of only 4.6 mm and an extremely low capacitance of 75 pF/m. The dense, tinned braided shield ensures perfect shielding and also increases the tensile strength of the patch cable. In combination with the high-quality Neutrik Bantam connectors, a very high number of mating cycles is guaranteed - exactly what makes a professional patch cable.
For a better clarity at the patchbay, KLOTZ offers the TT patch and adapter cables optionally with black or red PVC outer jacket - of course, as always, "Made in Germany" with the 6-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.
The new KLOTZ Packaging® also ensures optimum presentation on the display.

Bantam 3p. - 3p. TRS by Neutrik
Bantam 3p. - Bantam 3p. by Neutrik
KLOTZ summer break
Company holiday & goods dispatch in August 2021

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are modernising our logistics centre at the factory near Vilchband. During this time, from 2 to 13 August, there will be no goods dispatch.
The KLOTZ team in the back office in Vaterstetten will be on company holiday from 2 to 6 August.
Thank you for your patience and have a nice summer.

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