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Sehr geehrter Herr Hörmann

Welcome to the latest issue of the KLOTZ AIS Newsletter!
This edition brings you up to date with a number of convenient innovations for use on stage or in the studio.
However, first and foremost, we are very pleased to introduce Pierre-Antonie Gallais, a new addition to our sales team. As Junior Sales Manager, Mr. Gallais will be looking after KLOTZ customers from the MI and ProAVM sectors in Luxembourg, Belgium, West France and parts of Germany from July onwards.
There is good news for all users of FiberOptic technology. We have been upgrading KLOTZ FiberOptic products from the conventional OM3 fibre to the superior OM4 fibre. From now on all KLOTZ FiberOptic cables with multimode fibre category benefit from the properties of the new OM4 fibre.
The brand new cables from our PD1 slim patch series, based on our OT1000 OmniTrans digital cable, not only transmit analogue and digital audio signals but also DMX light control signals. Thanks to a slim cable design with a high degree of flexibility, you always keep an overview with these patch cables, even in cramped patch bays.
Our in-house KLOTZ XLR connector has established itself as a strong point in our product range since its market launch in 2016. This ergonomic and robust connector is already pre-assembled on many of our popular KLOTZ cables for the MI or rental sector. A special highlight - the KLOTZ XLR can be customised with abrasion-resistant laser engraving, e.g. with the channel number or your company logo.
Please note our company holiday in August. We will be closed from 14.08.2023 to 18.08.2023.


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KLOTZ AIS - the signal masters

KLOTZ team
Pierre-Antonie Gallais - new Junior Sales Manager for MI and ProAVM at Klotz AIS

From 01.07.2023 Pierre-Antonie Gallais complements our sales team as Junior Sales Manager.
Mr Gallais will be based in the regional office in Cologne and will work closely with the sales office in Germany and France to look after our customers in Luxembourg, Belgium, West France, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, NRW and parts of Baden Württemberg.
Gallais grew up in France, is passionate about music and graduated with a Bachelor in International Business in Carlow, Ireland in 2018. In 2019, he completed his Bachelor in Business Administration at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences.
Since 2019, Mr Gallais was able to gain his first professional experience as a sales consultant in the electronics industry since then he has been working in sales in different areas.
We are very pleased to welcome Mr Gallais as a new member of our sales team.
You can reach Pierre-Antonie Gallais at:
mobile: +49 (0)151 10423772
tel.: +49 (0)8106-308-540

KLOTZ fiber optic
FiberLink cables from KLOTZ AIS now with superior OM4 fibre

KLOTZ is upgrading fibre optic cables to higher quality OM4 BI multimode fibre
The fibre is undoubtedly the most vital component in fibre optic cables when high transmission rates and reliability are required. Particularly in mobile operation, it has to withstand extreme thermal and mechanical loads and also transmit large amounts of data without any problems.
Cable specialist KLOTZ AIS now offers all items in its fibre optic product line with superior OM4 bend-insensitive fibre. The upgrade to the new fibre category affects all multimode fibre optic cables in the manufacturer's range and can already be ordered.
In direct comparison to the previous models, KLOTZ fibre optic cables with the new OM4 fibre benefit from drastically increased bandwidths in all application areas. The laser-optimised 50μm special fibres result in an effective modal bandwidth (EMB) of ≥ 4700 MHz/km @850nm and thus now enable transmission rates of 10 Gb/s over up to 550 m.
Thanks to outstanding mechanical properties of the fibres, such as a wide temperature range (-55 °C to +85 °C) or the very low kink sensitivity and a very high transverse pressure resistance, extremely tight bending radii are also possible due to outstanding macro and micro bending performance values.
This gives the KLOTZ FiberLink cables properties that are needed, among other things, to master demanding situations in tough mobile applications. Of course, the fibre optic cables can also be used in fixed installations or in studios.
KLOTZ fibre optic cables with the new OM4 core are "made in Germany", manufactured according to product specification IEC 60793-2-10 and in compliance with the Ehternet standard IEEE802.3. Of course, the latest KLOTZ fibre optic cables with OM4 fibre are downward compatible with older fibre categories (OM3, OM2).
Find out more about KLOTZ FIberOptic cables at

KLOTZ DMX & digital audio
PD1 Pro Digital Patch - thin AES & DMX "slim patch" cables with XLR connectors by KLOTZ

KLOTZ now supplies the new PD1 Pro Digital Patch Series with the thin and ultra-flexible OT1000 "slim patch" cable for AES/EBU and DMX signals with high-quality KLOTZ XLR 3p or XLR 5p connectors.
The use of this symmetrical cable with a thickness of only 4.6 mm ensures clear and space-saving cabling in large control cabinets and studio racks. The cable has a conductor cross-section of 0.15 mm² and a very dense, tinned copper spiral shield with a coverage of 95%. This ensures a stable shielding in combination with very high flexibility.
The "slim patch" cables of the PD1 series transmit digital signals such as AES/EBU and DMX, as well as analog microphone and line audio signals, and are available in cable lengths from 20 cm to 100 cm - of course, as always, "Made in Germany" with the 6-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.

KLOTZ XLR connector
KLOTZ XLR connectors with individual laser engraving

As a leading cable manufacturer in the consumer and ProAVM segment with over 40 years of experience in the business, KLOTZ AIS GmbH installs over one million connectors on 10 million meters of cable per year.
Our premade cables with KLOTZ XLR connectors in 3- and 5-pole versions have enjoyed great popularity for years and are well respected and established on the market. Especially in the rental sector - in addition to the basic features such as the innovative design and the lateral grooves for the right grip - one feature has become an all-time favorite: The ability to laser-engrave the KLOTZ XLR connectors on up to two free surfaces! Since then, we have lasered more than 100,000 connectors to customer specifications and preassembled them with our proven KLOTZ bulk cables!
The laser engraving is individual, permanent and can be applied to both our black chromed and nickel XLR connectors. For example, the connectors can be inscribed with a company logo, lettering or channel numbering - this makes our excellent products even more unique!
You are also interested in individualized KLOTZ XLR products? Contact your KLOTZ sales representative for more information.

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