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Dear readers,

welcome to the best time of the year - the event season.
The first summer in two years when live events can take place unhindered is in full swing. We at KLOTZ AIS have prepared ourselves for this and would like to present our latest cable developments for musicians as well as event organisers today.
We are starting with a price-conscious version of the PT1 and PT2 outdoor power cable series that has been available for a short time and has now been extended by a new connector option, the PowerTwist TR1. This is an attractive addition to our range alongside Neutrik's bestseller, the powerCON TRUE1. The new connector has high current carrying capacity, robustness and practicality, making the PT1 and PT2 series with PowerTwist TR1 an interesting alternative.
The KLOTZ PRO ARTIST is a reliable all-rounder for high demands that is both robust and flexible. Now we have expanded this professional guitar cable with a practical connector option that is also cost-effective. The new PRO ARTIST with KLOTZ metal jack plugs is a loyal companion for the tough daily routine "live on stage", but it also easily copes with long studio sessions or use in the rehearsal room. As usual with KLOTZ cables, no sound wishes are left unfulfilled.
With the newly developed VDU042L superflex 12G SDI video cable, KLOTZ AIS demonstrates that a compact, flexible video cable for mobile use with excellent transmission properties for 12G signals does not have to be a contradiction in terms. Damar & Hagen connectors with excellent electrical values meet the VDU042L video cable in the assembled VU05L series, a connection that even meets the high requirements of the SMPTE ST 2082 standard.
The OT234H digital cable for extremely long transmission distances with FRNC jacket has been our bestseller for the installation sector for years. Many of our customers also want a mobile version of this OmniTRANS digital cable. Now we offer this high quality 110 Ohm digital cable also with flexible PVC jacket - the new OT234YS.
Dear customers, please note that we will be on holiday this year from 8 to 19 August.

With kind regards
KLOTZ outdoor power cables PT1 & PT2

Robust outdoor power cables with PowerTwist TR1


Based on the TITANEX rubber hose cable, these ProAVM connection cables of the PT1 (3 x 1.5 mm²) and PT2 (3 x 2.5 mm²) series, specially developed for outdoor use, are the ideal choice when robustness and high reliability are required.
Thanks to the use of cross-linked special elastomer compounds in the core insulation and the outer sheath, TITANEX® rubber insulated cables impress with their extreme flexibility and suppleness despite the highest mechanical and thermal load capacity. They are UV and ozone resistant and are particularly suitable for permanent outdoor installation. According to DIN VDE 0298-300 (HD 516 S2), these H07RN-F rubber hose lines may also be immersed in water for short periods for heavy-duty applications.
From now on, these mechanically heavy-duty power cables are also available with the PowerTwist TR1, which has many advantages in store for the user. The PowerTwist TR1 may be plugged in and unplugged under load and voltage, it has a proven and simple locking system, is dust-proof according to IP65 and jet-proof when plugged in and is therefore suitable for permanent outdoor use. It is also well equipped to withstand heavy mechanical loads, and can easily withstand shock and pressure loads. The PowerTwist TR1 connector is certified according to IEC60320, the assembled KLOTZ cables of the PT1 and PT2 series are manufactured according to VDE 701-702.
A strong performance by the new PowerTwist TR1, making it a practical alternative in terms of current-carrying capacity, handling and robustness.

PT2-SFM - PowerTwist TRUE1 female / PowerTwist TR1 male, UVP ab 44,63€

PT2-NFM - powerCON TRUE1 female / powerCON TRUE1 male, UVP ab 56,29€

In order to be able to guarantee our usual "made in Germany" quality here too, all KLOTZ AIS power cables pass through the EOL (end of line) test table for final inspection as the last production step before delivery. A comprehensive test for interruption, polarity reversal, short circuit as well as measurements of the protective conductor resistance and isloation resistance according to DIN VDE 0701 - 0702 verify the perfect function and compliance with the safety standards.

PRO ARTIST guitar cable with KLOTZ jack plug
PRO ARTIST professional guitar cable - now with NEW KLOTZ metal jack plug

The PRO ARTIST instrument and guitar cable is high performing and reliable due to its balanced, full sound and comfortable handling. Its construction from the latest plastic materials allows high flexibility, the soft PVC and special softeners keep it flexible and electrically stable over a long period of time. In addition, it has very low microphonics and a low capacitance of only 95 pF/m.
On the connection side, we have provided the PRO ARTIST with new KLOTZ 6.35 mm jack plugs in metal design. This touring-ready alternative is slim but at the same time robust and can withstand frequent plugging and unplugging as well as shocks or pressure loads. Golden contacts ensure almost loss-free signal transmission of the 2-pole connector.

PRO ARTIST professional guitar cable:
KLOTZ metal jack, gold / KLOTZ metal jack, gold

PRO ARTIST professional guitar cable:
KLOTZ metal jack, gold / KLOTZ metal jack, gold, angled

To ensure that the PRO ARTIST with KLOTZ metal jack plug also achieves our famous "made in Germany" quality, it passes through our 6-fold quality assurance before leaving the factory. This means that we can offer ambitious guitarists a guitar cable that is absolutely suitable for live performance and has a high sound quality at a fair price, which can be relied on in all situations - whether live, in the studio or in the rehearsal room.

KLOTZ video cable VDU042L superflex
VDU042L: new, 12G-capable video cable with extra tight bending radius

The ideal 12G SDI video cable.
Extremely robust, yet thin and super-flexible, the KLOTZ VDU042L is the first choice when a secure cabling of cameras with stabilisers, gimbals or Steadicam systems is required. Particularly suitable not only for mini cameras, but also for remote heads, cranes, drones, sliders and dollies.

KLOTZ VU05L.. series: VDU042L superflex assembled with Damar & Hagen BNC connectors

KLOTZ VU05L.. series in use

The VDU042L with high-quality connectors from the German manufacturer Damar&Hagen (BNCpro, BNCslim as well as BNCmicro and DIN 1.0/2.3) offers reliable, interference-free transmission even in critical situations and is therefore ideal for 12G UHD productions in rough live use.
The cable construction impresses with its special design, a small outer diameter of only 2.9 mm and a robust black PUR jacket. A flexible stranded inner conductor made of silver-plated, copper-clad steel wires with physically foamed PE dielectric and a very dense, tinned copper braid with a 95% coverage ensure excellent transmission properties. The cable construction provides extreme robustness and is consistently designed for high flexibility for mobile outdoor use, even at extreme temperatures between -40°C and +70°C. The outer sheath is druable, abrasion-resistant and notch-resistant with high tear resistance, and weighs only 12 g per metre. It goes without saying that the required REACH, RoHS and EU directives are complied with.

With this, you are perfectly set up for sports, studio, EB shooting, or cine productions of all kinds.

OmniTRANS - hochwertiges Digitalkabel für lange Strecken mit flexiblem PVC Mantel

The flexible yet very robust cable has a particularly low signal attenuation, which is due not least to the generous conductor cross-section of 0.34 mm² (AWG 22/7) and the extremely low capacitance. This makes it suitable for extremely long distances, and it transmits analogue microphone and line signals as well as digital signals such as AES/EBU and DMX control commands smoothly and stably. Two shields protect against noise. One is the Al-PET foil, and the other is a very dense copper braiding with a coverage of 85%. A tinned copper braid facilitates assembly with connectors.

The robust PVC outer sheath with an outer diameter of 6.7 mm is suitable for a temperature range of -20°C to +70°C and still gives the cable a pleasant flexibility despite the solid conductor cross-section and the double shielding.
With a minimum bending radius of only 40 mm, the OT234YS is also ideal for cable drums. Therefore, KLOTZ will in future also offer the OT234YS on break-proof cable drums with a length of up to 200 m for the mobile event sector.
The OmniTRANS digital cable with PVC jacket is now available from stock at KLOTZ AIS on request.

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