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In spring, we are looking forward to the upcoming outdoor season in the broadcast and event industry. We have developed some interesting products especially for this sector, all in proven KLOTZ AIS "made in germany" quality to come in handy for all live and studio applications as well as being reliable in the long run. Time to introduce our spring novelties!
We introduce the brand-new PowerLink 19" PDR, a robust rack power distributor for live and studio use. It enables loss-free 1:1 sub-distribution of 16A loads via SOCA Load Multicore or powerCON TRUE1 connections. The first choice when it comes to power sub-distribution in the rack is now available.
The DRAGONFLY connector from Neutrik is considered more robust, more reliable and requires less maintenance than other hybrid connectors - and that comes with excellent transmission values. We are now fitting this high-end connector to our CAM311 SMPTE / ARIB camera cables.
We offer an highly attractive alternative in the video cable sector with the new VDU042L superflex. An ultralight and flexible solution in compliance with the SMPTE ST2082 standard. This cable is assembled with high-quality BNC connectors from Damar & Hagen. Their excellent electrical values and robustness make this video cable the perfect choice for mobile applications.

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KLOTZ PowerLink 19" PDR
PowerLink PDR 19" power distributor & connection cables for 1:1 sub-distribution of 16A loads

The 19" PDR (Power Distribution Rack) series is specifically designed for the event industry, theatre and television production. The robust 19" aluminium housing is powder coated, laser engraved and fitted with high quality power & load connectors. With the PDR Power Distribution Series, the six discrete 16A circuits of a Socapex compatible power multicore can be distributed to one powerCON TRUE1 socket each.
In contrast, six discrete 16A circuits, each supplied via a powerCON TRUE1 power cable, can also be bundled into one Socapex-compatible 6-channel power multicore. In its maximum configuration (PDR12N..-SOC), up to 12 discrete 16A circuits can be distributed or bundled from or to two Socapex-compatible load multicores on only 2 RU. The quality of the PDR series is tested according to VDE 0701-0702. PowerLink 19" power distribution units are available with either 6 or 12 channels.

PowerLink PDR 6 channel power distributor
front: 1x SOCA power multicore, 6x powerCON TRUE1
rear: -
PowerLink PDR 12 channel power distributor
front: 12x powerCON TRUE1
rear: 2x SOCA power multicore

To match, we offer mechanically heavy-duty power cables of the PT1 and PT2 series. Based on the rubber sheated TITANEX cable, these ProAVM connection cables, specially developed for outdoor use, are the ideal choice when robustness and high reliability are required.
In order to be able to deliver our customary "made in Germany" quality, all KLOTZ AIS power cables pass through the EOL (end of line) test desk for final inspection as the last production step before shipping. A comprehensive test for interruption, reverse polarity, short circuit as well as measurements of the protective conductor resistance and isloation resistance according to DIN VDE 0701-0702 verify flawless operation and compliance with safety standards.

KLOTZ camera cable with opticalCON DRAGONFLY
SMPTE / ARIB camera cables with DRAGONFLY connector

The DRAGONFLY SMPTE camera lens-connector features very good transition values and easy handling even under extreme conditions. In comparison to classic physical-contact connectors, the DRAGONFLY is easy to clean without any special tools needed and still delivers excellent values of typically 0.6 dB insertion loss. Easy handling and first-class signal stability are provided by the unique lens technology.
The DRAGONFLY connector is suitable for studio applications as well as for harsh outdoor use on OB vans or at large sporting events. When plugged in, it is water and dust protected according to IP 68 and designed for a long service life with low maintenance costs.

DRAGONFLY lens connector
no physical contact when plugged in
SMPTE application example
on ARRI HD camera

Installation adapters or adaptation to other SMPTE camera connectors, such as the LEMO 3K.93C series, can also be found at KLOTZ AIS, allowing you to integrate them seamlessly into your existing system.
All cables are assembled ready for connection with the proven and robust KLOTZ CAM311P SMPTE camera cables. All cables are assembled ready for connection with the proven and robust KLOTZ CAM311P SMPTE camera cables. SMPTE camera cables with NEUTRIK DRAGONFLY connector are now available at KLOTZ AIS.

KLOTZ video cable VDU042L superflex
KLOTZ superflex 12G UHD video cable with only 2.9 mm outer diameter

Have you ever been looking for the right video cable for your broadcast or film production?
We have taken up the challenge and designed and developed a new extremely robust superflex very thin 12G UHD video cable for extreme mobile use to meet the demanding requirements of the SMPTE ST 2082 standard.

The new KLOTZ superflex VDU042L 12G UHD video cable impresses with its special design with a small outer diameter of only 2.9 mm and a robust black PUR jacket. A flexible stranded inner conductor from silver-plated, copper cladded steel wires, with physically foamed PE dielectric and a very dense tinned copper braid with a 95% coverage ensure the excellent transmission properties. The cable construction provides the cable with extreme robustness and is consistently designed for flexibility and for mobile outdoor use. Even at temperatures between -40°C and +70°C, because the outer sheath is temperature-resistant, in addition abrasion-resistant, notch-resistant and has a high tear propagation strength at only 12 g weight per meter. Of course, the required REACH, RoHS and EU directives are complied with.

Due to their excellent electrical and mechanical properties, the cables are assembled with Damar & Hagen connectors of the BNCpro, BNCslim, BNCmicro and DIN 1.0/2.3 series. The combination of the excellent properties of the VDU042L KLOTZ cable and the high-quality connectors offers perfect trouble-free transmission even in critical situations. Compliance with the necessary SMPTE ST 2082 parameters is continuously checked for each cable after assembly using the measuring system integrated in the factory.
The perfect cable not only for various broadcast camera applications, remote head, Stabillizer, Gimbal, Steadycam in the studio and on the set, of course also in the industry and many other applications for transmission distances up to 20 m for 12G video signals according to ST 2082 specifications.

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