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Dear readers,

Welcome to the first KLOTZ newsletter in this new year. We have once again made great efforts to be able to present you with a series of handy as well as practicable innovations from the KLOTZ portfolio.
We start with our FiberOptic APC connectors for the KLOTZ FiberLink range. We are expanding the FiberLink series with connectors with high-quality APC grinding and thus also the possibilities for users. The new APC connector generation is superior to conventional PC/UPC connectors, especially on critical connection routes.
For professional users in the audio, video or TV sector, our proven, hermaphrodite KLOTZ SmartBeam lens connector for fibre optic cables is indispensable. Specially developed for use in harsh environments, the SmartBeam can be relied on under all circumstances thanks to its robust design, contactless lens technology and IP67 protection class. We present the KLOTZ FiberLink series with SmartBeam connectors for all bandwidths.
After a period without any major trade fairs or events, the ISE in Barcelona was finally a real highlight in our schedule again. For us, it was a great trade fair appearance that was worthwhile. You, dear KLOTZ customers and visitors, made the ISE a great success for KLOTZ AIS. We would like to thank you very much for this and are looking forward to welcoming you again next year at the ISE at the KLOTZ stand.
The cabling of loudspeakers in live operation can become a challenge quickly, especially on large stages. With the new SpeakerLink LSV distribution series by KLOTZ, you can create order in the rig and always keep an overview. Thanks to the robust design with high-quality SpeakON sockets and several practical features, the LSV series is the ideal companion for use in tough everyday stage conditions.


With kind regards
KLOTZ AIS - the signal masters

KLOTZ FiberLink
KLOTZ FiberLink now available with various APC connectors

The KLOTZ FiberLink series with the highly flexible and robust FiberFlex Ultra cable in single-mode is now available not only with the standard FC, SC or ST connectors with PC/UPC polish but also with E2000-APC; FC-APC, LC-APC connectors and high-quality SC-APC polish.
APC is short for Angeld Physical Contact, on these connectors the ferrule surface is polished with an angle of 8°. As a result, the connector offers significantly better return loss than PC/UPC polished connectors. Please note that a connector with APC polish must not be connected to connectors with PC/UPC polish, this will inevitably lead to very high insertion losses and in the worst case damage to the connector.
To avoid faulty connections, at KLOTZ all APC connectors are available in the typical green colour. PC/UPC connectors are usually blue, which ensures easy differentiation for the user.
APC connectors, with their significantly improved optical performance, are usually used for high-quality and critical connections. Especially when increased return loss can be crucial, such as in WDM or CWDM systems where up to 16 wavelengths are transmitted over one fibre.
The E2000 connector is very compact and features an automatically closing protective cap. This shields the connector from contamination and also prevents the human eye from being exposed to the laser.
The quality FC connector is characterised by its ceramic ferrules as well as its alignment accuracy and is preferably used for precise and securely lockable connections.
Green LC and SC-APC connectors are comparable in handling and size to the conventional blue PC/UPC connectors.
You have special requirements, even for other connection types?
We have a range of options - don't hesitate to contact us!

KLOTZ FiberLink & SmartBeam
Ready for all bandwidths:
KLOTZ FiberLink with SmartBeam lens connector

KLOTZ FiberLink cables with SmartBeam lens connectors are the first choice for data transmission in professional environments such as broadcast, film, audio, video, network, lighting or industry. They enable you to establish a reliable and interference-free connection at all times, even under harsh conditions.
We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, hermaphrodite SmartBeam lens connectors for the FiberLink series, which allow very high bandwidths to be realised even over long transmission distances.
From 2-way (DUO) to 12-way (DODEKA) lens connectors, each in multi- and single-mode, the range covers everything that professional users desire. In combination with the outstanding Ultra Mobile Cables, the FiberLink series offers the best signal quality over the entire distance.
For perfect integration into existing systems, our fibre optic interfaces, such as the FiberLink drum system with SmartBeam lens connector, the TrussLink Fiber Rigg & Floor Box or the 19'' Fiber Distribution Panel, breakout cables and bulkhead installation adapters are the ideal complement. Adaptation to other systems such as the opticlCON system is also possible and is already available in our online shop.
Manufacturers or brands such as Neutrik FIBERFOX, Stratos HMA, FIBRECO Junior, BEL, CINCH, BELFUSE, Amphenol TacBeam, Optokon HMA-S and many other lens connectors that are compatible with the MIL-DTL-83526/20 & /21 standard (German Defence VG 95319-100 & 102) are easily connected to the KLOTZ SmartBeam.

the signal masters world tour
KLOTZ auf der ISE Barcelona 2023

At the beginning of February we were finally represented again at the ISE - Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona. Together with our friends from KÖNIG & MEYER, our international team welcomed many interested visitors at our joint stand.
We were very pleased about the strong interest in high-quality signal transmission and presented our new products to the professional audience. Especially in the ProAVM and broadcast sector, we were able to present numerous innovations.
These included the new 12-channel system of our successful MIS (Modular Interface System) 19" module frame series, our new DODEKA FiberLink cables (12-way fibre SmartBeam Fibre Link cables), our new PowerLink Truss & Stagebox power distributors and our latest aluminium cable duct module systems MDS (Modular Duct System).
We would like to thank all visitors and are looking forward to exhibiting at ISE again next year.

KLOTZ SpeakerLink
New KLOTZ SpeakerLink distribution system

KLOTZ expands the SpeakerLink loudspeaker distribution systems by four compact models.
The KLOTZ SpeakerLink LSV speaker distribution systems ensure fast and loss-free wiring of speaker cabinets on stage. With its smart wiring concept, the KLOTZ SpeakerLink series replaces many of the cable adapters that would otherwise be necessary, thus saving time and money. The new, live-ready SpeakerLink models LSV1424 and LSV1824 are each available in two versions:

- LSV1424 speakON 4p. male - 2 x speakON 4p. male

- LSV1424FM speakON 4p. female - 2 x speakON 4p. male

- LSV1824 speakON 8p. male - 2 x speakON 4p. male

- LSV1824FM speakON 8p. female - 2 x speakON 4p. male

Use as an "input box":
Located behind amplifiers, the SpeakerLink LSV rig box collects various speaker channels and adapts them to one eight- or four-pole female or male SpeakON socket. Up to four discrete speaker channels can thus be transmitted via a SpeakON 8p. Loudspeaker Multicore.
Use as an "output box":
On the loudspeaker side, the LSV rig boxes adapt the loudspeaker channels back to two four-pole SpeakON sockets. The two LSV1424 models are also equipped with bridged NLT4 sockets, allowing them to be used for both TOP and SUB cabling.
The powder-coated aluminium housing with its non-slip rubber feet reliably withstands even high mechanical loads in tough everyday stage use. Thanks to the abrasion-resistant laser engraving, the TechBlog on the side, the designation of the inputs and outputs as well as the wiring diagram on the top remain perfectly legible at all times. The latter enables event technicians to have all essential technical data immediately at hand at all times.
As usual with KLOTZ, the distribution boxes of the LSV series also offer four eyelets for safety ropes and an M10 thread for using a Manfrotto Superclamp. This means that the LSV rig boxes can also be mounted on trusses without any problems.

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