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Dear readers,

Christmas is just around the corner and 2023 is slowly drawing to a close. In our industry, the festive season always holds a number of interesting events in store - whether winter markets, concerts or Xmas parties, every event will be a success with robust and reliable cable products by KLOTZ AIS.
Our SMPTE camera cables are up to any challenge, whether in mobile operation or stationary installation. KLOTZ SMPTE cables are compatible with professional broadcast cameras from SONY, JVC, Panasonic, Grass Valley, ARRI and many more.
Modern CAT7 network cables support high-speed Ethernet with up to 10 Gbit/s. For live or studio operation, we now offer our new H1P.. & H3P.. series based on the HC72P25 network hybrid cable with 2x CAT7 and a power line for ultra-fast connection of computer-controlled devices.
The CATLink MINI multicore system is an absolute highlight in our digital adapter range. With the latest version CLAES-MINI22, a 2/2 channel send-return line can now also be realised without additional XLR adapters.
As an ISO9001-certified company, we are obliged to establish standardised processes to ensure our high quality in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction. We successfully completed the TÜV Süd audit in 2023 and received the coveted certificate again. The new certificate is valid from 19.12.2023 to 18.12.2026.
Please note our company holiday from 22.12.2023 to 2.1.2024


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KLOTZ AIS - the signal masters

KLOTZ camera cables
KLOTZ SMPTE camera cables for OB-van, studio or sports stadium

National and international customers rely on camera cables from KLOTZ AIS for film and TV productions as well as live broadcasts. Our bulk cables and pre-assembled camera connection cables are in daily use in many production studios, sports arenas and theatres.
With the CAM311 series, we now offer two state-of-the-art SMPTE / ARIB camera cables for mobile use and for studio cabling. The CAM311P, with bend-resistant fibres and robust, temperature-resistant PUR jacket, is ideal for mobile studio and outdoor applications. The FRNC version - the CAM311H - is ideal for fixed installation and indoor cabling.
All SMPTE camera cables are available by the metre or pre-assembled with connectors from the LEMO 3K.93 C series, Neutrik opticalCON DRAGONFLY or opticalCON DUO SMPTE.
The in-house SMPTE assembly at KLOTZ AIS is certified by the manufacturer, which enables us to offer customised cable solutions for our customers. In addition to the adaptation of various manufacturers, customer-specific requests and drum systems can also be realised.
In our online shop, you will find useful accessories that make installation easier, such as connection panels or retraction aids.

H1P.. & H3P series - double screened CAT7 network hybrid cable

With our KLOTZ H1P.. & H3P.. series are hybrid cables for mobile use that combine both mains and data wires in a single cable. This allows remote equipment to be optimally integrated and minimises the amount of cabling required. This is particularly relevant over longer distances. In addition, interference due to different earth potentials is avoided.
Based on the KLOTZ HC72P15 and HC72P25 hybrid cables, the pre-assembled cables of the H1P.. and H3P.. series enable a wide range of applications as a connection for modern, computer-controlled devices. Two flexible CAT7 cables connect components of digital audio networks such as Dante™, CobraNet® and EtherSound® or transmit DMX control signals based on the ArtNet®, MA-Net or Pathport protocol.
The cable also serves as a solution in the IT sector if a network connection plus power line is required. Thanks to the double shielding (aluminium foil + dense copper braiding) of the CAT7 cables, interference-free transmission of high data rates over long distances is possible without any problems, even in electromagnetically influenced environments.
KLOTZ H1P.. & H3P.. cables are available with various connector combinations: CAT6a RJ45 and etherCON, powerCON TRUE1, Schuko and IEC.

CATLink MINI multicore sytem - 2/2 ch. send-return
MIC, line & DMX adapter

With KLOTZ CATLink products, four analog audio signals (Mic, Line), eight digital audio signals (4x AES/EBU) or four DMX/MIDI signals can be stably transmitted over a distance of up to 100 m via an overall shielded network cable. The CATLink mini multicore systems consist of a compact and robust aluminum housing with an etherCON socket on one side and an 80 cm long 4-channel splitter on the other.
This brand new CATLink MINI 2/2-channel adapter (CLAES-MINI22..) is equipped with 2x XLR 3p. male and 2x XLR 3p. female connectors and therefore also enables a 2/2-channel send-return line without additional XLR adapters.
KLOTZ uses a highly flexible digital cable with a small outer diameter specially developed for the CATLink MINI series as a mic/line/AES patch cable. Clear channel labeling, color coding and laser-engraved XLR connectors are a matter of course for KLOTZ products. Thus, the individual channels can be easily and quickly distinguished from each other.
The different product variants of the CATLink MINI series with XLR 3p. (Mic, Line, AES/EBU), XLR 5p. (DMX) and TRS (Line) leave nothing to be desired in terms of connection technology. We recommend using a network cable with an overall shield (KLOTZ RC5EE) to ensure that the four individual channels share a common ground.

KLOTZ ISO certification
KLOTZ AIS is ISO 9001:2015 certified until 2026

KLOTZ AIS has been an ISO 9001 certified company in all departments such as production, sales and development for over 10 years now.
This year, we once again passed the audit for the new ISO 9001:2015 and were awarded the coveted certificate for the Vilchband and Vaterstetten sites by the TÜV Süd auditors. The current certificate is valid from 19.12.2023 to 18.12.2026.
The ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms that we have a functioning quality management system in all relevant areas of the company and thus proves that we are an exceptionally reliable partner for our international clientele.

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