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Dear readers,

Welcome to the KLOTZ AIS Newsletter in March!
First of all, we want to inform you, that we are currently working on a new price list as well as a change of our goods and discount groups and we are proud to announce that KLOTZ AIS GmbH is now registered by Stiftung ear as a manufacturer of small electronic devices.
Of course, we also have new KLOTZ cables for you. With one eye on the slowly opening market, we prepared numerous products for daily use in the event sector. Whether concert hall, theatre stage or broadcast user, in this newsletter you will find our latest cable products "made in germany" for your project.
This is good news for all users of broadcast technology: The KLOTZ 12G-SDI digital video cables VU08L..DP and VU12L..DP are now equipped with BNCpro series connectors from Damar & Hagen. This leads to a further significant improvement of the electrical values and offers perfect signal transmission in all situations.
We are also expanding our popular PRO-DMX cable range with the two new versions LX4 & LX5. Two solid, double-shielded high-end DMX cabling solutions with 5p. XLR connectors, for use in the studio or on the road.
Last but not least, we show you great ways how your customers can make sure that hygienic and safety distance in public areas and during events will be maintained.
We hope you enjoy reading the KLOTZ newsletter.

With kind regards
KLOTZ conversion goods/discount groups

We are currently working on a new price list and a conversion of our goods/discount groups.
The changeover is taking time and is being carried out step by step according to product families. Therefore, during the conversion phase, incorrect prices may be displayed in your personal B2B online account. We would like to apologise for this and are working flat out to complete the conversion of all product groups as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions, please contact our staff.

KLOTZ ear registration
KLOTZ receives WEEE registration DE95475433

On 25.06.2019, KLOTZ AIS GmbH submitted an application to the "stiftung ear" for registration as a manufacturer with the brand KLOTZ AIS and the type of equipment small appliances that can be used in private households.
With registration notice dated 26.01.2021 transaction ID:RV - 201906 - 001087 we received the WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: de 95475433.
You will find the corresponding number on all our offers, orders and invoices in the future. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

- WEEE registration PDF -
KLOTZ 12G-SDI video cable VU08L..DP & VU12L..DP
Better performance!
All mobile KLOTZ 12G-SDI / UHD / 4K video cables are now available
with Damar & Hagen BNCpro connectors.

The requirements in the broadcast and video segment are constantly growing with the use of 12G-SDI workflows (UHD / 4K / 8K) and the bandwidths are constantly increasing. In addition, it is essential to transmit the signals reliably over the usual lengths, even in extreme situations.
Our mobile digital video cables are further improved due to the excellent electrical and mechanical properties of the Damar & Hagen BNCpro connectors. Especially the significant return loss ≥ 28 dB for 12G-SDI signals in combination with the well-known excellent properties of our cables offer a perfect trouble-free transmission even in critical situations.
Our video cables, as well as the connectors and the required crimping tools are also available individually for on-site assembly.

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KLOTZ PRO DMX 5p. cable series
New PRO DMX cable series LX4 and LX5
with blue outer jacket and XLR by KLOTZ

In addition to the ultra-flexible DMX cable series LX2 and the two double-shielded high-end LX3 and LX6 series, we are expanding its successful PRO DMX cable range with two further double-shielded cable series LX4 and LX5 with blue outer jacket and high-quality XLR 5p. connectors (3p. wired).
While the highly flexible OT206YB cable with blue PVC jacket is used for the LX4 series, we use the robust and road-compatible OT206PB cable with blue PUR jacket for the LX5 series. Both cable series have a conductor cross-section of 0.22 mm² (AWG 24) and an exact characteristic impedance of 110 ohms. Via an AL/PET foil shield and an additional braided shield, the LX4 and LX5 cables are double protected against interferences. The tightly stranded wire pairs additionally increase the interference immunity against electromagnetic influences and guarantee the interference-free signal transmission that is so important especially in the digital field - even over long distances.
The new KLOTZ LX4 and LX5 series are equipped with transparent shrink sleeves on both sides and are available with connectors by Neutrik as well as with the new XLR 5p. connectors by KLOTZ - of course, as always, "made in Germany" with the 6-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.
The patented KLOTZ packaging also ensures optimum presentation on the display.

LX4-5X1K1-01.0       LX4-5X1N1-01.0
length: 1 m                length: 1 m
XLR: KLOTZ             XLR: Neutrik
RRP 26,45 €              RRP 47,18 €

LX5-5X1K1-01.0       LX5-5X1N1-01.0
length: 1 m                length: 1 m
XLR: KLOTZ             XLR: Neutrik
RRP 26,92 €              RRP 47,80 €

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SENTRY distance projector
SENTRY Distance Sensors & Projectors - Intelligent visitor guidance powered by KLOTZ

Events and public facilities are gradually being reopened to the public.
SENTRY helps to ensure that distance rules are observed by means of an easy-to-understand traffic light system. The devices project the necessary minimum distance onto the floor and switch to warning mode when the distance sensor registers a violation of the projected distance range.
SENTRY can either be worn directly on the body, placed on counters and desks or mounted on boundaries or desks. Thus, SENTRY allows a cost-effective presentation of distance rules without additional mounting/dismounting effort, as the distance indicators can be easily relocated.
If the stop line is crossed, the display flashes and the person is thus warned. Interfaces also allow easy control of peripheral devices such as screens, which can be used to provide visitors with additional service information, but also to display advertisements for cross-selling and upselling.
If you are interested in a SENTRY system, please send your enquiry to Till Kästner or Judith Reimann at

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