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Dear readers,

There is news from KLOTZ in April!
Earlier this spring, we introduced our new VU series video cables, which achieve excellent electrical values fitted with the new BNC connectors from Damar & Hagen. Now we are expanding our portfolio once more. From now on, adapter cables of the VU series are also available, which now transfer your HD / UHD / 12G / 4K or 8K signals from BNC to BNCmicro or DIN1.0/2.3.
As of now, you can order our cables with individually printed heat shrink sleeves. This is particularly useful for easy identification of individual cables in a cluttered environment. Available is a regular version of the heatshrink with professional printing suitable for use in studios, as well as a version with additional transparent heatshrink to effectively prevent abrasion of the print in live or mobile operation.
Last month we were already able to announce our registration with the "stiftung ear" as a manufacturer of small electronic devices in Germany, and now we have also received this WEEE registration for the European market.
We hope you enjoy reading the KLOTZ newsletter.

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KLOTZ cables

If an adaptation BNC to BNCmicro or DIN1.0/2.3 is required, as is increasingly the case due to the high packing density on the units, the KLOTZ adapter cables of the following series are suitable.
VU06H*DPD* D&H (BNCPro male / DIN1.0/2.3), VU06H*DFD* D&H (BNCPro female / DIN1.0/2.3), VU06H*DPM* D&H (BNCPro male / BNCmicro), VU06H*DFM* D&H (BNCPro female/ BNCmicro), VU05H*DFM* D&H (BNCPro female / BNCmicro).
The BNCmicro connectors are compatible with HD-BNC™. Both connectors offer a reliable connection for video signals with high data rates, the BNCmicro connector is designed for standard 4K signals as well as 8K (24G) signals and can withstand at least 1000 mating cycles. The premium quality of the DIN1.0/2.3 (DIN 47297) connectors is ideally suited for reliable connections of UHD / 4K signals up to 12G.
With digital video cables of the KLOTZ VU-series, you get the best out of your 12G-SDI images. Designed for installation in the studio as well as for mobile use, durability and excellent transmission quality go hand in hand here.

KLOTZ cables
KLOTZ – professional cable labelling as required
New shrink tubing machine for individual cable labelling

With our new automatic shrink sleeve machine, up to 4 cables can be provided with any labelling and high-quality shrink sleeves in a single operation. This enables fast and reliable labelling of KLOTZ cables according to customer requirements - of course also with individual labelling or your company logo.
This professional cable labelling is ideal for patch cables in control cabinets and in the entire studio. The clear labelling of the cables ensures a maximum overview of the signal flow. The 60mm shrink sleeves are suitable for cable diameters of up to 7mm and can be labelled on one or two sides per cable side according to customer specifications.
The price for individual cable labelling is only 1.10€ plus VAT per cable side.
For cable labelling in tough road conditions, we offer a transparent shrink sleeve for shrinking over the cable labelling in addition to the printed shrink sleeves. This ensures that the cable labelling remains undamaged and legible even under extreme conditions. The length of the transparent shrink tubing is 70mm and can be used up to a cable diameter of 7mm.
The price for the individual cable labelling incl. transparent heat shrink tube is only 2.20€ plus VAT per cable side. (ANR: ZBSHRINKTBE7)

KLOTZ WEEE international
The WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU
(Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

In order to contribute to a sustainable development for the treatment of WEEE, this directive sets minimum standards for the treatment in the EU.
This directive aims to prevent waste and to reduce such waste through re-use, recycling and other forms of recovery. Our number according to WEEE: DE95475433

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