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Dear readers,

welcome to the KLOTZ Newsletter in May with fresh products and interesting news about high-quality signal transmission.
This month we take special care of users of professional video technology, because we have determined the exact transmission lengths of our HD-SDI video cables for mobile or installation for 12G applications. Of course, all tested candidates passed the tests with flying colors, which puts the KLOTZ 12G video cables in the focus of everyone who needs to transmit their 12G SDI signal over long distances with as little loss as possible. The exact results can be found in our HD-SDI transmission length table.
Audiophile users will also get their money's worth in May. With the brand-new KLOTZ TITANIUM supreme cables, we are now offering our groundbreaking TITANIUM microphone cable with jack plugs as well as in an XLR M or XLR F to jack version. This means that the favorite cable of many internationally renowned artists such as Melody Gardot, Steven Wilson or Uli Jon Roth can now also be used as an analog audio cable. Preferred applications for the new analog TITANIUM audio cables are e.g. high-quality active loudspeakers or the connection of high-end converters and interfaces e.g. from Universal Audio, RME or Genelec.
There is a new addition to our digital coax cables!
We are expanding the previously introduced KLOTZ D-Series by the variants D7 & D9 with digital RCA connectors. This means that not only the cable, but also the RCA is manufactured with 75 Ω characteristic impedance, which gives these new cables of the D series outstanding attenuation values.
On customer request we have adapted the splice length of our hybrid cables H1A33NP as well as H1T88RX. The new length of 50 cm at the splice is now more practical and makes our hybrid cords even more universally applicable.
Please note that we are rebuilding our warehouse and therefore closed from the 2nd of August until the 6th of August.
We hope you enjoy reading the KLOTZ Newsletter.

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Transmission lengths for KLOTZ 12G-SDI cables

There is news about the max. ranges of our HD-SDI cables of the VU series in 12G operation.
As the requirements in the broadcast and video segment are constantly evolving due to the use of 12G-SDI workflows (UHD / 4K / 8K) while bandwidths are constantly increasing, it is essential to be able to transmit signals reliably over long lengths even in extreme situations. The excellent electrical and mechanical properties of KLOTZ video cables are further enhanced by the use of Damar & Hagen BNC connectors.
We have, of course, checked the excellent parameters, and all contenders have passed this test with flying colors. The now confirmed maximum transmission lengths can be read in our current HD-SDI transmission length table.

KLOTZ expands the TITANIUM StarQuad cable series

New supreme StarQuad audio cables by KLOTZ
In addition to the award-winning TITANIUM StarQuad microphone cable (TI-M), KLOTZ now offers three more supreme StarQuad audio cables for absolutely unclouded and interference-free transmission of balanced line audio signals. The new TITANIUM StarQuad cables are available in the plug combinations XLR Female to TRS (TI-MFS), XLR Male to TRS (TI-MMS) and as a pure TRS line audio cable (TI-TRS). High-quality Neutrik® metal connectors with gold-plated contacts ensure an optimal and loss-free plug-in connection for the complete TITANIUM cable series.
Preferred applications for the new TITANIUM analog audio cables are e.g. high-quality active loudspeakers or the connection of high-end converters and interfaces e.g. from Universal Audio, RME or Genelec.

With the TITANIUM StarQuad series, KLOTZ has created analogue audio cables of the reference class that transmit every nuance of the audio signal directly and unaltered. The super-robust outer jacket with a diameter of almost 8 mm (!) houses the four wires arranged in a star shape with an extra large cross-section (4 x 0.34 mm²). The StarQuad cabling achieves excellent symmetry properties and brilliant damping values. The consequence is an extremely dynamic sound, with fast response, best detail fidelity and undistorted transient reproduction. In short: Infinite Tone - Perfect Silence.

KLOTZ D series
New D7 & D9 coaxial digital cables with RCA and BNC connectors

75 Ohm all the way!
In the new D7 coaxial cable series, not only the cable material, but also the RCA connectors are manufactured exactly with 75 Ohm characteristic impedance. Especially the attenuation, which is so important for coaxial digital cables, shows itself from its best side. The flexible stranded wire is wrapped in PE insulation, then comes the braided shield (coverage > 85 %) and finally the robust PVC outer jacket with a diameter of not even 6 mm. The D7-SPDIF is not only suitable for coaxial SPDIF signals, but also for analogue composite video signals and serves as a flexible yet robust patch cable in shorter lengths.
The new coaxial digital cable series D9 is equipped with high-quality Damar&Hagen BNCslim connectors and is perfectly suited for the transmission of WordClock, AESid and MADI coaxial signals. Here, too, the stranded wire is embedded in a PE insulation, whereby the extremely dense high screen braided shield even achieves a coverage of 95% (!). The soft PVC outer jacket makes the D9 cable highly flexible and thus optimally suited for rack-internal cabling and patches.
Both the D7 and D9 series are available in cable lengths between 30cm and 10m. From a cable length of 1m, the cable series are also equipped with transparent shrink tubes on both sides for free labelling of the cables.

KLOTZ hybrid cables
Hybrid cables now with more splice length

Our hybrid cables for professional users allow to send CAT, DMX, audio or video signals via one signal cable in addition to their own power supply. Now we have given the H1A33NP (audio & power) and the H1T88RX (2 x CAT & power) a practical update: We have increased the splice length to 50 cm, which makes it easier to reach connections that are far away from each other with the splice.
From a length of 30 m, a professional strain relief from REMKE at the splice protects against high tensile forces and thus effectively extends the service life of the cable.

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